Your Guide To Holiday Travel Insurance

some of the ways in which a comprehensive travel insurance policy can protect you and your money this seasonWhen planning your holiday vacation this year, make sure you treat yourself to a present: holiday travel insurance. This policy can reimburse you for things like canceling your trip, unexpected travel delays, issues with your baggage, and any medical care you may need while traveling. Here are some of the ways in which a comprehensive travel insurance policy can protect you and your money this season.

Trip Cancellation Insurance
Having to cancel a holiday vacation is like receiving a lump of coal in your stocking. Unfortunately, it happens, but with this type of holiday travel insurance, you’ll be able to recoup 100% of any money that is spent on prepaid, nonrefundable expenses. While things like severe weather, family emergencies, illness, injuries, and military deployment are all covered, other things may not be covered unless you have “cancel for any reason” (CFAR) travel insurance. With this upgraded policy, You’ll receive up to 75% reimbursement.

Travel Delay Insurance
Unfortunately, Rudolph isn’t there to help guide your plane through a snowstorm. However, when unforeseen events like this delay your trip, there’s travel delay insurance. This holiday travel insurance will cover the cost of your hotel, meals, and other essentials when you’re left stranded by inclement weather. Coverage starts 6 – 12 hours after the delay begins. It’s important to review your plan thoroughly because when you miss your flight due to such things as a long line of airport security, being carried away at the airport bar, or other circumstances that are within your control aren’t covered. For these things to be covered, you would need to pay an additional fee to have “interruption for any reason travel insurance” (IFAR).

With IFAR, you’ll be able to return home early from a trip for any reason. When doing so, you’ll be reimbursed 75% of any costs you’ll miss out on due to coming home early.

Baggage Insurance
Typically, a comprehensive holiday travel insurance policy will cover the cost of lost, damaged, or delayed luggage. You will need to consult your policy to determine how much money you can be reimbursed. It’s also important to note any items that may be excluded, especially at this time of the year when you’ll probably be taking gifts with you.

Medical Cost and Evacuation Insurance
If you plan to travel overseas for your holiday vacation, it’s essential to know that American insurance may not cover you if you were to get into an accident or fall ill. If it does cover you, it’s very likely to be minimal coverage at best. Therefore, it’s important to have holiday travel insurance for your healthcare when traveling overseas. Additionally, you should know that Medicare is not accepted outside of the United States. So, make sure you have a comprehensive policy in place before traveling.

COVID-Related Issues
If you’re worried about COVID being a Grinch, make sure you have trip cancellation and interruption benefits in place. This will ensure that you are reimbursed for any prepaid, non-refundable trip costs if you test positive for COVID. You should also have medical insurance in place to ensure that you’re reimbursed for your health care needs. Since not all travel insurance plans cover COVID, you’ll want to review your policy carefully.

The Limits of Holiday Cheer
While holiday travel insurance is a great thing to have, Even the best plans have some exclusions that you need to know about. These things can be quite confusing, which is why you’ll need some help from us at the Gemini Insurance Company in Palm Harbor, FL. We can help you understand the ins and outs of each policy, so contact us today.

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