Why You Need Health Insurance

Reasons why you need to get a health insuranceHealth insurance helps make medical costs more affordable and accessible. It also facilitates access to care, so you’re not only healthier, but you’re also less likely to die. While these are the basic benefits that everyone thinks of, there are others that you should be aware of as well.

Financial Benefits

Not only will you find healthcare more affordable, but you’ll also protect yourself from the financial repercussions of unexpected illnesses and accidents. When you’re young and healthy, you may not think of these things, but when you don’t have health insurance, you’re taking a major financial risk.

Research has proven this with their finding that it can cost about $8,000 in health care expenses for a broken leg or over $30,000 for a three–day stay in the hospital. When you have insurance, the out-of-pocket maximum limits the amount you pay.

Health Benefits

When you have health insurance, you have a source of regular care because you’re linked to a network of providers that work with you to provide you with comprehensive, continuous, and coordinated services. This results in you living a longer, healthier life.

Most plans also offer free preventive services (e.g., vaccinations, screenings), which play an important role in illnesses and any of the complications that may accompany them. Additionally, they typically cover the cost of preexisting conditions as well. This is great because if you’re diagnosed with something before enrolling in the health plan, they won’t deny you benefits.

Once you have a health plan in place, you’ll find that it’s easier for you to work with doctors on things like prevention and wellness. Together you’ll also be able to manage any acute or chronic illnesses that you may have. Ultimately this results in health outcomes and lower costs for everyone who’s involved.

Of course, the same is also true. When you don’t have health insurance, you’re likely to become sicker because you won’t want to pay the high costs that are associated with seeing a doctor. Unfortunately, this may even result in your death.

Peace of Mind

When you have health insurance, you’re less likely to feel stressed. Instead, you’re more likely to feel peace of mind because you don’t have to worry about accumulating large medical debts.

Additionally, with insurance in place, you’re reassured that you’ll have access to any care you need when you need it. This will make you feel as though you’re in charge of your healthcare since you have a regular source of care in a place that you can turn to.

Other Benefits

While the benefits listed above are some of the main benefits you’ll experience when you have insurance in place for your healthcare needs, there are other, less obvious, yet still important benefits as well. These include things like:

  • Less paperwork to deal with since your health plan keeps medical records for you. Since they already have a list of your medical history and current treatments, you won’t spend time filling out paperwork every time you want to see a doctor.
  • You won’t have to deal with the stigma of being uninsured.
  • You won’t feel stigmatized or marginalized.
  • You’re more likely to get the care you need before an illness reaches a critical point. Knowing that your physicians are there to take care of both your acute care needs and your routine care needs (e.g., annual physicals and screenings) helps you feel freer to live your life.

Many great health insurance options do exist. Some of these are both inexpensive and comprehensive. So when you’re ready to find the option that works best for you, contact us at Gemini Insurance Company in Palm Harbor, FL.

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