Supplemental Insurance

Supplemental Insurance Servicing Palm Harbor & Pinellas

When you get sick and/or injured you still have to pay your premium, copay, deductible, and prescriptions. Why not protect yourself with a policy that pays you?

You have seen the commercials with the annoying duck but don’t work for a large company to get covered. We specialize in individual and family coverage so a policy pays you a defined amount when sick or injured.
We have a variety of coverages but some of the most popular are accident, hospital coverage, cancer, heart attack, and stroke.

With technology, people can live past serious health issues that a decade or two ago were a death sentence. We all have seen the person come back to work in a cast or still not 100% because they didn’t have a plan that pays them so they can concentrate on healing before returning. This can hinder the recovery process and make healing take longer.

Getting a check in a large lump sum can be used at your discretion:

  • Pay bills,
  • Experimental treatment,
  • Deductible,
  • Take time off of work,
  • Fly family members into town,
  • Go on a worldwide cruise; it is your money.

With an average individual deductible at about $6,000 and a family just over $12,000, these policies can help alleviate some of the financial burdens especially when you are not able to work.