Small Business Insurance

Small Business Insurance Servicing Palm Harbor & Pinellas

With about 44% of the US economy coming from small businesses we will help guide their benefit options.

Keeping and attracting employees is key to running a business as they have demanded more benefits from their employer. We can help put together a package of health, life, dental, vision, accident, and more.

Whether you are a solo entrepreneur, have 50 employees, or somewhere between, we can help guide and suggest coverage to protect the foundation of your company. As you grow we can grow with you. Often growth comes with discounts buying power. If there are industry-specific plans, we will check with your state and carrier options to make sure you get the right plan. Need to add or subtract employees we can help administer those changes making it effortless.

Not all group coverage covers the spouse or children. Our large carrier and product varieties can help make sure they can be helped with individual plans. All employees have direct access to us so they don’t have to bother an owner or HR department with questions about their coverage.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners have to worry about many facets of their company, let us take care of the insurance so you can focus elsewhere. Got questions? We are here to talk about comparing quotes, future policies, what-if scenarios, and employee retention.