Short Term Health Insurance

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Short-term health insurance policies cover a limited period, usually up to 12 months, and are an affordable and flexible alternative to traditional health insurance plans. They are especially attractive to individuals who require temporary coverage, including those between jobs, waiting for new job coverage to begin, or who have missed traditional health insurance open enrollment periods.

A significant advantage of short-term health insurance is its affordability. These policies have lower monthly premiums and deductibles than traditional plans, making them cost-effective. Moreover, policyholders can customize their coverage to meet specific healthcare requirements, such as coverage for pre-existing conditions or prescription drugs.

Short-term health insurance is also convenient, as enrolment is quick and straightforward. Unlike traditional plans, which can take weeks or even months to enroll, short-term plans are enrolled rapidly and conveniently, offering critical coverage to individuals who need it urgently.

Short-term health insurance plans offer several benefits, such as coverage for doctor visits, emergency services, and hospital stays. Additionally, these policies offer preventive care, wellness services, and telemedicine services, among other benefits, making them a comprehensive and flexible solution for temporary healthcare coverage.

These health plans are highly customizable and can be issued from 30 days to 3 years of coverage with national networks. No referrals, the ability to add riders to pay your deductible, and change your deductible to fit your budget – are a few customizing selections to make this plan fit your needs:

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These plans might be what fit your needs.