Life Insurance


We have many more options. If you don’t see a company or product, please call us.

This coverage has had several positive changes, this is no longer your parent’s coverage.

Approximately 80% of people think life insurance is too expensive. Today there are more options to use while you are able-bodied or if chronically ill you can borrow money to use as you wish.
But if you think your poor health prevents you from getting coverage, it’s time to check again.

With many carriers we look for the matching benefits our clients are looking for and we can suggest some they might not be aware of.
While we can offer coverage from $10,000 to $3 million, the majority of our policies are closer to the $150-$250K benefit.

Final Expense is a type of Life Insurance that can be a good option for those with more health issues and fewer benefits to leave behind.

Reasons to get a policy:

  • you are a parent or spouse,
  • young, to build wealth,
  • in good health,
  • leave a legacy,
  • to build cash value for the future,
  • or an upcoming medical exam.

Let’s talk about your needs and desires for a life insurance policy. We can find the right option with a steady and affordable premium.

The best time to buy is now, policies get more expensive the older you get and the more health issues you have. Call us and we can help you save 10% or more on your premiums. In the field of life insurance, something is better than nothing.