How To Reduce Your Healthcare Costs

ways in which you can still save on healthcare costs

It has become apparent to many that healthcare expenses have significantly increased in recent years. The rising cost of health insurance in Palm Harbor, coupled with higher premiums and lack of regulation throughout the industry, has resulted in healthcare costs soaring. Fortunately, there are a few ways in which you can still save on healthcare costs so they don’t bankrupt you.

Use in-network providers.
There are certain providers that provide your insurer with the best price and with a guarantee to cover your treatment. When you don’t use these providers, you pay a higher price because you’ve gone “out of network.” An analysis recently discovered that these out-of-network providers typically charge 300% more for many procedures.

Ask for 90-day prescriptions.
When you look at the cost of a 30-day prescription vs. that of a 90-day prescription, you’ll notice that you pay less for the 90-day prescription. Not only are you paying less in healthcare costs here, but you’re only paying your co-pay once instead of paying it three times. This is why advocates of health insurance in Palm Harbor strongly suggest that you get a 90-day prescription whenever possible.

Shop around for the care you need.
Take some time to shop for the best quality and price whenever you need an elective procedure. Of course, you want to remain within your insurance in the Palm Harbor network, though. Nevertheless, you’ll want to check the Healthcare Bluebook to see what the fair price for your procedure is in your area. Once you’ve done so, you’ll need to call a few different providers to see what they quote you while using your insurance in Palm Harbor.

Make sure there aren’t any errors on your bill.
Medliminal Healthcare Solutions conducted a study in 2017 that 9 out of 10 hospital bills contain at least one small error. These errors alone cost Americans $68 billion per year. So, when you get your bill, make sure you look it over closely and report any errors you find.

Use wellness programs to your advantage.
A growing number of companies are investing in wellness programs. These programs encourage their members to work on monitoring and improving their health. This is through taking simple steps such as taking health assessments, signing up for biometric screenings, and getting physically active. Since they want their employees to engage in such activities, they’re now offering incentives like gift cards, money, contributions to an HSA or FSA, and even reduced health insurance premiums.

Deduct medical expenses from your taxes.
Most people don’t realize that they can write off their medical expenses on their taxes if these healthcare costs are more than 7.5% of their gross income. Some of the items which you can write off include such healthcare costs as premiums, hearing aids, and even fertility treatments.

Have your blood work done at a lab.
When your doctor orders lab tests such as blood work, make sure to ask if they’re medically necessary. If they are, make sure to have the tests run by a standalone lab. Prices at these facilities tend to be lower than what your doctor’s office or local hospital would charge.

Get help shopping for insurance in Palm Harbor.
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